(Stunning photography of my children and I by my sweet friend and photographer, Emily Magers.)

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Meet Christine Sara


Hi, I’m Christine Sara! I'm excited to share with you
 a little about my life and the heart behind what I do. 

I am a mother of two, and when my little ones were born, 
I couldn’t stop photographing them!
 I had prior experience in fashion photography, 
but I fell in love with capturing the sweet moments, 
and tiny details of my own children. 
I soon realized the importance of capturing those moments,
 and how quickly life goes by. I wanted to be able to give the gift
 of creating stories of love to others, as well.

Before I was a mother or a photographer,
 I was pursuing a career in the music industry. 
I use to always see visions in songs I would write and sing,
 and I wanted to be able to create stories with those visions. That is what brought me to pick up a camera
 and be able to speak, visually.

Having a family of my own is what
 brought the heart of my visions to life. I love LOVE, in all aspects and forms. It is what inspires and moves my soul. 
What I came to realize is, what defines art, 
is the love and soul behind it. 
I would be honored to create your fine art love story. Send me an email and let's chat!


xoxo, Christine Sara