Maternity is one of my favorite types of photography. I love capturing the essense of this amazing time in a mother's life. Your body, as a woman, is doing the very thing it was created for, giving life! There is nothing more natural, yet surreal, than bringing a human into this world. What better way to celebrate than to beautifully tell the story of your pregnancy, to remember this moment, forever.

My maternity sessions are completely styled by my team and I, after a consultation with you, and include professional make up and hair. Each session is specifically tailored to your unique personality and pregnancy. I hand pick the perfect location for your maternity shoot that will best fit the style we plan, together, to achieve the type of shoot you will love. Your session can take place in my Calabasas studio, at the beach, in the woods, or amungst an open field. With dreamy fabrics, a custom style board, and glowing light, it is my goal to bring you a maternity story you will love.

With collections beginning at $850, I offer beautiful way to display your images including linen memory boxes with matted framed fine art images, gorgeous canvases and framed art, as well as artistically edited digital images on a signature Christine Sara USB. 

Session Deposit $250

Collections Begin at $850


The first few weeks of bringing your baby into the world are by far the sweetest. This is the time where you are falling in love and you and baby are bonding outside of the womb. You're studying her every tiny move, his itty bitty toes, and what greater gift than a newborn story that will give you the memory of this fleeting moment?

My favorite part about capturing baby in the first 2 weeks, is really embracing the newness and innocence of your newborn. I carefully pose baby in sweet positions, with natural props, in my studio, where I replicate a womb-like environment to keep baby most comfortable. Capturing the whole family during this session is important as well. This is the time where your bond is new and sweet, and these are moments you will truly cherish forever. Makeup and hair is provided for the new mama, and all shoot details are provided for you. You don't have to worry about prepping for a photoshoot right after having a baby. Simply come to my studio, relax, and leave when it's over.

Making sure your professional is highly trained with newborns is essential with newborn photography. You want to trust that whoever is handling your baby, is not only Tdap vaccinated, keeps their studio sanitized and cleaned, but also knows how to handle your baby in a safe manner. Newborn safety is my #1 concern during a newborn portrait session. I provide enough time for soothing and feedings during your newborn session. You will recieve a compimentary prep guide upon booking to help you and baby be most prepared for your newborn's first little modeling gig.

Session Deposit $250

Collections Begin at $850

Family Portraits

 Your family, your personality, this moment, is important to remember. Don't wait to capture those raw real moments of fun, laughter, and joy. As a photographer, I find it exceptionally hard to remember to photogrpah my own children and family in between shoots and capturing everyone elses. What I have come to realize is that, I am missing out on remembering these moments with my kids. Not just moments of my kids, but moments of me with my kids. It's important for me to give them memories where I am in them too. Memories they can reflect on, see the love they grew up with, as well as memories they can share with their children. I have made it a point to book a session for my family once a year, to rememeber every milestone, every growth, and the story of our family.

In my family sessions, I focus on capturing real moments. Candid moments of real personality that will display a gorgeous story of photographs you will love sharing with your loved ones in a beautiful album or keepsake memory box. I provide professional make-up and hair for mom, a what to wear style guide, as well as a beauitful open location for your family to roam around and be free to really express who you are. These sessions can also take place in your beautiful home as well. 

Session Deposit $250

Collections Begin at $850

"Photography is the only way to preserve the feeling, of this moment... forever."

What To Expect

I would love to meet you! This is the first portion of inquiring with me. We schedule you to either come to the studio, or meet via Skype. We discuss what it is you are looking for and how I can help create your photographic dreams.

All of my portrait sessions include professional makeup and hair as well as styling. 

After every portrait session, I invite you back into the studio or Skype meeting to view your beautiful images and help you create a collection that will beautifully display your images. 

Photography is a very personal and exciting time. It is my goal to make you feel comfortable, pampered, as well as have a beautiful experience.