Anastasia’s Self Love Boudoir Shoot

When I decided to pursue Boudoir photography, it was because I love empowering women.  I knew  I wanted to use my business to build a strong community of women, to celebrate women. So you can imagine when I get the opportunity to shoot one of the members of this incredible community, it’s like a dream come true, and Anastasia was no exception. 

A Boudoir Photoshoot Celebrating You. Exactly As You Are.

 Anastasia came to celebrate her womanhood.  She wanted to drop all the expectations that the world held for her, and show who she truly is. She decided to schedule a shoot after being inspired by the photographs and stories of other women posted in our Facebook group (read more about our awesome community here).   She was beyond excited for her shoot, smiling from ear to ear. We whisked her away to hair and makeup and we started the ‘Celebration of Anastasia’s self-love’ by sipping on some bubbly.


Celebrating Self Love

This shoot with Anastasia was SO much fun.  She was very confident in her body and comfortable in her own skin. Of course, she was nervous at first (who wouldn’t be!) but with a little encouragement and support, she got into her groove. When it comes to posing during shoots, I guide you every step of the way. Because of Anastasia’s dancing background, she was very aware of her body and so we were able to branch out and try a bunch of fun and different poses.  Being able to help Anastasia celebrate her self-love through boudoir photography was truly an honor and exactly why I love doing what I do. 

You deserve to be celebrated too, and I would love to celebrate with you. 

I’m currently booking 2018-2019 boudoir babes. To book your boudoir shoot, call 323-205-5540 or fill out the contact form here.


Christine Sara



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