Baby Jax’s First Birthday Smash Cake

I love that “The Little Sprout’s Club” allows me to capture images of each babies unique personality and journey for their families to cherish forever. You will absolutely love having these first moments, of your little love’s life captured.  You can check out some of our past “Little Sprouts Club” shoots here.

The most recent graduate from our “little sprouts club” was…

our handsome blue-eyed baby, Jax. 

Jax’s First Birthday Photos

How adorable is this little cowboy?  Photographing this little guy and getting to know his La Canada, California based family was an honor. We quickly connected over our love of the mountains; his family owning a property in beautiful Montana. We were really able to capture the uniqueness of this little family in the charming images of Jax and his father in matching cowboy attire. They will seriously melt your heart.

Howdy Cowboy!

My Favorite Part…First Birthday Cake Smash

I seriously love watching the range of reactions each baby has to their smash cake.  Jax was not shy about digging into his first-year smash cake.  His rosy cherub cheeks really pop with the ethereal white background I created at my West Hills studio. The frosting was everywhere and it truly felt like we were in heaven. I am sure you will too in the images below.


Make sure to not miss a moment of your little one’s first year, and join “The Little Sprouts Club”.



Christine Sara




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