Beautiful, Summer, Alta Lodge Wedding Photos

I look out my window this morning and I see beautiful white rooftops, grey covering the sky, and it’s 18 degrees. Yeah I said it. Pretty much unbearable for this southern CA girl. It’s stunning though and I just LOVE the seasons of Utah. It truly is the best place to raise kids too. Noah and Leah have progressed SO much since being here. I don’t know if it’s the slower pace to life, the fresh mountain air, the farm animals everywhere or what…. but our lives have truly changed with our move to Utah, and for the better. Check out my first Utah family shoot from last year… it’s kind of what convinced me to move!

However, I’m not going to lie… I miss the warmth. It reminds me of this past summer when I photographed an Alta Lodge Wedding with Trevor Hooper. The summers here in Utah are one of my favorite. I’m talking gorgeous mountain tops with lush forest, fishing, endless hiking, kayaking (we have two lakes within just miles from us!), water skiing, zip-lining, and so much more! It’s much better than the 117 degree roasting hot Woodland Hills summers, let’s be real, I don’t miss those one tiny bit. Although I’m back 2 times a month so I guess I didn’t really get away from it, haha. The Mexican food though, Utah has nothing on SoCal in that. Salsa and Beer lovers anyone? If you’re in the North Hollywood area, I highly recommend going there. Best Mexican food and margaritas there is! Be prepared for a long wait at dinner, or on the weekends.

Alta Lodge Wedding Photos

These are my favorite shots from the Alta Lodge wedding. It was such a stunning day. I mean, look at those mountains? I have a tremendous love for couples in love and mountains. When the two come together, it makes my heart pitter patter. I hope you enjoy these gorgeous summer Alta Lodge wedding photos as much as I did taking them!

PS… If you haven’t been to Utah yet, and want to visit Park City, send me an email, I’ll give you all the best places to stay, to visit, etc. Visiting Albion (which is right near the Alta Lodge) is a gorgeous place in early summer. We’re talking flower fields for DAYS! I love shooting outside here… it’s the most stunning!

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