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Imagine, you’re nearing 30, you’ve been an actress in Los Angeles for most of your adult life, married for over 7 years and so much life in between. Life can be hard on us, and Becca is no exception. When I met Becca we were at a mutual friend’s bachelorette party when I mentioned I photograph women. She became super interested as I was telling her why I photograph boudoir. I said to her “there comes a time when trying to keep up with the demands of society becomes exhausting and we’re left just not feeling good enough, pretty enough, or even women enough.” When I told her I’d love to photograph her, we booked a session right then and there. On the way to the studio she felt nervous. “I didn’t know what to expect”. She arrived to the studio, we handed her a mimosa, and began to walk her through the makeup and hair and wardrobe. She brought SO much great stuff! From sweaters to lingerie. As I was piecing her outfits together and she was getting ready for the shoot, we began to talk about life. About relationships, marriage, self worth, our expectations of ourselves (HUGE ONE!). You know what happened? We began to connect in a way where Becca felt safe. I could relate to exactly what she was feeling, as a woman. This allowed me to see a more intimate side of Becca, and photograph the most vulnerable parts of her. The most amazing thing happened though! She started to connect with herself. The more I told her how beautiful she was, or showed her an image on the back of my screen, the more she opened up. “Wow, I look like that?” We’re always so focused on what we don’t like about ourselves when we look in the mirror, that we completely bypass all the amazing, beautiful parts of us. Each one of us were put here to inspire the world in our own unique way. Somewhere along the line, we are told we are suppose to be a different way and that being unique isn’t good. We start to fixate on this standard we have for ourselves, and when we don’t meet it, we start to hate ourselves. Am I right ladies? We choose self sabotage because we can’t seem to ever live up to the expectations society holds on us. What if we stopped looking at all the ways we aren’t, and look at all the ways we are! There is so much good in you! And if I can show you that side of you and inspire you, then I’ve done my job, not only as a photographer, but as a mom, and also as a woman.

After Becca left the studio, she left the most amazing review, which you can find on under “Christine Sara Boudoir”

“Working with Christine is an absolute dream. Obviously taking your clothes off on camera can be intimidating, but from the second I stepped in the door she made me feel at ease. She directed the whole process so I wasn’t left wondering what to do, let me tell you some of these poses are hard and you would never think they look good, but I’m so thankful I followed her advice because they look incredible! Christine gets you to look beautiful and sexy without crossing the line into raunchy and over the top. Really she worked some magic, I didn’t think I was capable of the looking this good. If you want beautiful photos of yourself to share with your significant other, this is your girl. I can only say good things about my experience, get in and shoot with her it’s worth it! Beck”

Thanks for the sweet words Becca!!


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