Boudoir Model Call for Real Women

empowering boudoir model call in salt lake city utah


Ever since I started doing boudoir photography, I wanted my photography to be used to empower women! I want women to feel beautiful, alive, and happy with everything they are. I want women to feel enough. That is why I am doing this empowering boudoir model call in Heber City, Utah.


I want every body type, ADULT age, and ethnicity included in my passion project.  That’s why I need your help.


I am looking for REAL WOMAN “models” to come share their stories and use this opportunity to love themselves.


Now when I say “models”, I am not talking about size 2, 6 feet tall, and twenty-something years old.


I am talking about REAL women, with REAL stories. No matter your age, size, ethnicity, backstory, I want YOU to be the subject of my next photo shoot.


If you or any women in your life are interested in taking a leap and having a shoot with me to embrace themselves and tell their story, please fill out the contact form below.  Also, check out how to prep for your boudoir shoot here



Christine Sara





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