I Photograph Women Because…

I Photograph Women Because…

Where I am now, is not where I started. I spent most of my life truly believing that I wasn’t enough. My family situation growing up was unhealthy and when abuse is all you know, you assume that it’s normal. You tend to choose what’s familiar, and so I married a man...
Bottom Out

Bottom Out

“Things are going amazing in life!” This is literally where I was at just a little over a week ago. It has taken me SO much to finally say that I love everything about my life! I really felt I was finally starting to break free of the dark cloud depression...
Negative Monday + Building an Empire

Negative Monday + Building an Empire

Mondays. They are our faaaaaavorite day, right? Says absolutely no one ever, unless you get to go to Disneyland every Monday. And if you do, can we trade lives?! Just kidding, as rad Disneyland is, I’d much rather be frolicking in the gorgeous forests of the...

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