Celebrating Motherhood: Stretch Marks & All | Brooke’s Boudoir Shoot

Starting at a young age, society makes it clear to girls/women how they are expected to look. From the perfectly proportioned Barbie dolls to the women we see flawlessly retouched on the covers of magazines. I’ve always struggled with trying to hold myself to these unreachable standards. Then I got pregnant with my first child and how I perceived my body changed for the better.

A Boudoir Shoot Celebrating Motherhood, Stretch Marks & All

After having my first child, my body was left noticeably different and I struggled with that for a while. When Brooke came in for her shoot, she had some lingering insecurities after having her beautiful baby two years ago as well. Her insecurities mirrored the ones I also struggled with after having my first child. We bonded over our struggles, and she confided in me that her insecurity over her stretch marks almost stopped her from going through with her shoot that day. But here she was, strong as hell and ready to celebrate her body. Babes, don’t ever think that your scars or marks are flaws. They are simply beautiful reminders that you have walked a beautiful life. You are learned amazing lessons that have made you the wonderful person you are today! You are perfectly stunning just the way you are!

Choosing Self-Acceptance

Brooke’s body brought a beautiful, healthy baby into this world, and I wanted to help her celebrate that her body was strong enough to do that. When she first stepped in front of the camera, her insecurity was apparent. Taking care in each shot to make sure her stretch marks weren’t showing. As we got more acquainted and comfortable, she began to let go of her insecurity. Then, it happened.


I Caught A Stunning Image, But Her Biggest Insecurity Was In Full View…

I called her over to show her some of the images we had captured so far. As we scrolled through, the image I had captured of one of her greatest insecurities flashed on the screen and her eyes locked on it. Brooke exhaled in astonishment as a smile spread across her face. She LOVED the photos showing her stretch marks. In fact, she loved that her stretch marks were showing because they were apart of what makes her beautiful. To see the self-acceptance that Brooke had once she saw those images is why I love doing what I do.


Why Do We Shame Our Bodies After Giving Birth?

We struggle not to criticize the “imperfections” that mark our bodies after going through 9 months of pregnancy. What we should be doing is celebrating our bodies and how INCREDIBLE it is that we were able to give life to one of the most precious things that will ever touch our lives.

we all have the strength to overcome whatever is holding us back and truly accept ourselves exactly the way we are. All you need is a little faith in yourself and I’ll be there to help you the rest of the way!

Check out the breathtaking images from Brooke’s boudoir photo shoot below. And don’t forget to read other boudoir babes stories on the blog!

P.S. Don’t forget to schedule your holiday boudoir shoot! Only 4 spots left in October & November. Plus 10% of the cost of your shoot will be donated in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Did You Know…

A portion of your shoot also goes to the Peace House in Park City? What an amazing way to empower yourself while also empowering others. You will be helping those in toxic and abusive relationships, who need financial help to better their lives. Empowered women, empower women. If you’ve been following my story, you know I was in an abusive marriage years ago. It took a long time for me to heal, find myself, and empower myself. The journey to self-discovery was amazing and powerful. I want all women to experience what it’s like to truly be happy. To truly see themselves as beautiful! That is why I empower women, that is why I do what I do.

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