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Imagine your husband is stationed in Afghanistan. You send him monthly care packages, but this time you decided to send him a little something extra special in his box. That’s exactly what Chrissy did.

When Chrissy contacted me, she told me her husband was in the Army Reserve and that he was stationed overseas. I was once a military wife myself, so I was able to relate to her story. Trying to keep the spice alive while your significant other is away from you, isn’t the easiest thing! She new he would love and cherish these images of her, especially with the distance between them. Thank God for these families who sacrifice and serve our country so that we may have freedom. I was more than honored to be able to photograph this stunning mama and wife and to be able to share my joy and passion with them.

Chrissy purchased the book collection, which included her images from the shoot as well as a sexy 10×10 twenty page album swept with beautiful images of her. Her husband is going to be amazed when he opens his box this month! What a sweet gift, right?

More than gifting her husband though, what I love about Christine Sara Boudoir, is how I’m able to help women connect with themselves, intimately. It’s so much more than feeling or being sexy. When you look in the mirror, who do you see? When you think of yourself after the kids go to bed, who do you think of? We’re often the hardest on ourselves. We name everything we could have done differently, how we want to look better, and all the ways we aren’t enough. It brings me so much joy as a photographer and a woman to be able bring out the beauty in women, I’m able to show these ladies that they are gorgeous, from the inside out! I’m giving them the permission to see themselves in a new light. In a way that says “yes! I love the the way I am!”

Here’s more of Chrissy’s boudoir photos.



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