How do I book a shoot?
Fill out the “Design my dream shoot” form on our site and we will contact you within 1-2 business days.
How much does a shoot cost?
To reserve your portrait experience we require a $190 deposit to reserve your date. This deposit only reserves your shoot date and time. We can not hold your desired time without a deposit. 2 weeks after your shoot you will come back to the studio (if you’re not local, we will met via video chat), and you will then decide which image and collections you would like to purchase. Our fine art luxurious collections begin at $1250 with wall art beginning at $450. Please contact us for pricing. Also ask how you can pay in advance and save!
What do I wear for my shoot?
Wardrobe inspiration + prep guides will be sent to you upon booking a shoot with us.
How long does a shoot take?
Typically you are in makeup and hair for 1.5 hours and shooting with Christine for 1.5-2 hours. You can expect to be in hour studio for approximately 3-4 hours. We want to take our time in perfecting gorgeous artistic imagery for you!
Do you have mini shoots?
Not at this time, no. However we sometimes have “quick fix” shoots for previous clients. This allows clients to update their folio boxes and art work with a few solid images. These aren’t FULL portrait experiences.
Do you have payment plans?
We do not have payment plans in studio, however I highly recommend applying for PayPal 0% interest-6 month financing if you need your payments broken up. This way you have no interest either!
How long does it take to see my images after my shoot?
2 weeks! We take out time in the editing process to make sure your images are perfected and gorgeous! You will then come back to the studio to view your images and decide which collection you want to purchase.
Can I view my images in an online gallery?
Not at this time. Part of the experience we want to give you is personalized here at the studio. You view your images in a printed gallery on the wall and create your folio box which you take home the same day!
If you are not local to Utah, we will schedule your reveal via video chat for a similar remote process.
Can I decide which images I want to purchase after my photo reveal?
Any images that are not purchased at your photo reveal are discarded to make room for future shoots. The purpose of the photo reveal is to purchase the images and art work you want from your shoot. However, any purchased images will be kept on file for 1 year. 
Can I bring a friend with me?
Of course! And hey, if she books… you’ll get a $100 credit to use at your photo reveal and so will SHE! Refer 9 friends and you’ll get $900! There’s not cap on this! We appreciate your referrals so much! That’s how our little business survives.
Can my husband/partner be apart of my motherhood or maternity session?
Of course your husband/partner can! We will offer styling tips for him as well.
If you have any other questions or want pricing, please contact us!