How to Prep for Your Boudoir Shoot

It’s spring break this week! That means kids are home and I’m trying to juggle all the things. Thank God for coffee, cause this week I’ll need it! Especially as I pack and get ready to go back to Los Angeles for a full weekend of shoots. As I’m working from bed today (a maxi skirt and sweater count as dressed, right?), I came across an awesome box delivery company called Le Tote. I’ve been thinking of going with a box delivery subscription for clothing for a while. Between, running two studios in two different states, travel, family, church, shoots, editing, and everything else, the last thing I really have time to do is “shop”. It’s important to my artistic creativity to express myself through what I wear, and not get tired of my wardrobe or decide after wearing something twice that I now hate it. It’ll then sit in my closet for the next 5 years until I finally come to my senses and donate it. The cool thing about Le Tote that I like is you rent their clothes. When you’re done with them, you send them back and they send you a new box. You don’t have to keep anything, you wear what you pick on their site, and send it back when you’re done. You definitely can buy what they send you but you don’t have to. I thought how cool would this service be for your boudoir shoot? You could hand select “boyfriend” type shirts, sexy pants, long cardigans which are always a great option with lingerie, cute sweaters for shots in the bed with beautiful natural light giving you a “sexy morning look”. You rent what you want for the shoot and return it, then get a whole new box with new things you pick in the next delivery, or cancel this service.
This also could be something I add on for clients as apart of our service in our Utah studio. Would you be interested in having us pick wardrobe for your boudoir or would this be a service you’d like to do on your own?

Knowing what to expect for your boudoir shoot is probably one of the most common questions I get asked. So I thought I’d give you some tips so you know how this is done:

  1. Bring yourself

Honestly, that’s it! Yes, some of my clients bring lingerie, cardigans, t-shirts, dress shirts, etc. But it’s not necessary. We have a personal stylist you can add on when you book who will shop for you! You’ll send us your measurements and we’ll pick out pieces personally for your shoot. Some babes want to keep things super natural and just pose in sheets with no clothing, totally awesome as well! We’re all ladies here, no need to feel uncomfortable. I want this process to be as simple and amazing for you as possible. Bring yourself and we’ll provide the rest:

  • Personal Stylist ($300 add on deposit)
  • Makeup and hair team (included)
  • Christine’s posing and direction
  • Props, bedding, window light in a stunning boudoir studio in Heber City, Utah
  • Personalized viewing with Christine 3 days after your shoot
  • Handcrafted gorgeous albums beautifully designed for your shoot

Oh and don’t forget the mimosas, ha! Can’t do a shoot without a mimosa and music. Always music. Led Zeppelin anyone?

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