I Photograph Women Because…

Where I am now, is not where I started. I spent most of my life truly believing that I wasn’t enough. My family situation growing up was unhealthy and when abuse is all you know, you assume that it’s normal. You tend to choose what’s familiar, and so I married a man who was abusive as well. Every day the overwhelming feeling that I was never going to be good enough plagued me. That was until I left him and that abusive relationship behind.

Leaving Was the Scariest Part

It sort of felt like free falling at first. I was terrified of failing and having to go back, but I knew going back was NOT an option. So I said f*ck it and I decided to really push my photography business as a single mom with two kids. It was in the pursuit of supporting my family through this business of mine that I started to see myself transform.


Photography Transformed Me

As my business grew, I saw myself grow in stride. I found my voice in directing people to capture the perfect photograph. It was through my photography that I found my strength, and I learned that I could use photography to help others find their strength as well.

Learning the Power of Photography

Photography has taught me more about people than anything else in my life. It has helped me to understand that every person has insecurities and that those insecurities and doubts about ourselves rise to the top when the lens is on us. Whether it be a maternity shoot, a boudoir shoot, a bride, etc. I have witnessed a powerful transformation when people confront their insecurities and decide to fully accept themselves over and over again through portraits.

You Deserve to Feel Powerful

As women, we tend to undervalue ourselves and forget how AMAZING & POWERFUL we are.  I want all women to see the amazing, valuable, beautiful human beings that they TRULY are. That they are worthy of SO MUCH LOVE. This all starts with us seeing ourselves in a very real and raw way. The only way we can do that is if you trust that I understand YOU. That’s why my approach to photography is to connect with my subject on a deep emotional level. I want you to know I have taken time and energy to understand you and where you are coming from before you step foot in front of that camera. Once we have achieved that, then we are ready to capture the real & raw you.

Capturing The Real & Raw You

If it’s hurts that we bring to the shoot, then FEEL that hurt. I always tell my clients to feel whatever it is you are feeling right now. If that’s anger, let’s figure out where that anger is stemmed from because I want you to feel that REAL feeling and let’s photograph that. Let’s capture where you are at and what you are truly feeling in this moment because it’s only through being real with ourselves and truly engaging and respecting the emotions that we are feeling deep down inside that we are able to truly be our real and raw selves. That’s when we are the most POWERFUL, and that’s how you always deserve to feel. 


I Photograph Women Because

In finding my own voice and strength through photography I have found the passion to empower other women.  We all have insecurities, and capturing them in a vulnerable setting is terrifying. But know that you are not alone. I am right there with you and so are so many other women. So why do I photograph women? Because I found my strength through photography and I have helped so many other women find their strength and power as well through photography, and I want to help countless more do the same.


So, wherever you are in your life’s journey, I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU DESERVE LOVE. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL EMPOWERED.  




Christine Sara

Photos taken by Trevor Hooper.



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