Jackie’s Intimate Portrait Story | Salt Lake City Boudoir Photographer


Hey guys! Welcome to Christine Sara Boudoir! Some of you may know me as a wedding and baby photographer, but with my move to Utah, I decided to start my boudoir line as a new brand and open a studio right here in Heber City, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. This site is so much more than just typical boudoir. When Jackie and I were talking about her session with me, I really wanted to convey to her the beauty behind seeing herself in a positive way. Almost anyone can wear sexy. What I want women to see in themselves, is being able to embrace and love who they really are. Connecting with who you are, is the only way others will connect with you. If we can’t love ourselves, how do we expect others to love us? If we can’t treat ourselves right, how do we teach others to treat us? So as you can see, these intimate portrait sessions, are so much more than just wearing sexy. This is your portrait love story. This is where you’ll get the chance to see, love, embrace who you are within.

Jackie decided to bring an array of subtle but sexy lingerie for her shoot, however some women prefer not be photographed in lingerie and that’s ok. Despite the name, which would lead you to believe this is traditional boudoir, as stated previously, these sessions are focused on bringing out your inner beauty. If that’s a simple editorial look, bring it on! If it’s a t-shirt in bed, journaling, drinking morning coffee look, that’s beautiful too! This is about YOU, and how you connect to your inner woman. Raw, intimate moments just as you.

Enjoy these images from Jackie’s intimate boudoir session! It was such a fun shoot. Thank you Jackie for letting me photograph you!



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