Jay’s Sultry Boudoir Shoot

Do you consider photographers as artists? What makes an artist to you? Someone who uses a paint brush? Writes music? What classify’s a person as an artist? It’s kind of funny to think about. I’ve always been a left brain person. When I was young, I was drawn to coloring, painting, dress up, the normal kid things I would think. I wouldn’t have considered myself an “artist” though. It wasn’t until I pursued a career in music and fell in love with singing and songwriting that I started to see myself in that light. Mainly because that’s what my manager called his clients. His “artists”. When I would meet photographers, I never thought of them as artists either. They just take photos, right? What’s so hard about clicking a button anyway? (if you’re a photog reading this, don’t get mad just yet, ha!)

When I started to really explore the world of photography, at first I was just trying to expose images correctly. I hadn’t played much with my images, I just wanted to make them look ok in camera first. As I started moving towards a career in photography, this is where I began to develop more of my own “voice” and “style” in my images. As the years have progressed, my style has changed, and so have I, as a human being. What I’ve noticed is that my work isn’t just getting better with time and practice, it’s also changing in style with the rhythm of how I’m changing as a person. As I grow, my work grows. To me what makes an “artist” is the ability to express yourself through a form that can speak to not only you but those around you. Whether that be through photos, music, paintings, designing, dance. Art is the ability to express who you are and the emotions within you.

With that said, I feel a bit of a change starting to take place within my style of photography. Nothing crazy drastic, just a little more moody and sultry. I moved to a new state, I’m inspired by new friends and new amazing places I get to see. So here I am expressing myself in a new way, and I hope you love it! This doesn’t mean I’m completely ditching the old style, just trying something new to mix in with the style I already love. I’d love to hear your feedback (comment below)!

Jay was so much fun to photograph! I photographed her and Ryan’s wedding in Ojai, CA this past September. So I was already familiar with photographing her which made things more comfortable. We laughed the entire time about everything woman life related. She’s such a sweet soul and I’m so excited for her and Ryan as they are now expecting their sweet baby girl. I uploaded these new edits to her gallery today, and this was her response:

“Hey Christine! OMG I just looked through and LOVE the photos!!! I love the new editing style too! Super sexy!!! Thank you so much! It’s really cool to look back and see/appreciate my pre-pregnancy body + now my current pregnancy body, and realize how powerful my body must be as a woman to be able to create life! I use to be so hard on myself but I feel a whole new respect for the skin I’m in! Thank you!”

Such amazing and powerful words, babes! She get’s it! Our bodies are amazing and powerful JUST AS THEY ARE. Pregnant or not, a size 2 or a size 20. You are stunning just as you are. Let me show you. You don’t need to get in shape, you won’t need to wait till you have a tan, you don’t need to wait for anything to feel more confident and learn to love yourself just the way you are. Have you booked your boudoir shoot yet? Get on the 2018 Heber City studio waitlist! Accepting babes who want to learn to love themselves, now!



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