Tina’s email was probably one of the funniest inquiry I have ever received. “Hi my boss just brought her newborn twins home to Malibu and we want photos in our home with the big sister”… I thought to myself, “ok, twin newborn photography in Malibu. Well I recently read that Beyonce and Jay Z had moved to Malibu, and they just brought their twins home the day before I received that email, AND they also have an older daughter! I just knew it was Beyonce and Jay Z! I couldn’t sleep that night! I sent an email and then called them the very next morning, as I normally do with my clients. However, it wasn’t Beyonce, but that’s ok! I was super happy anyway because I got to meet one of my favorite clients to date and her adorable family.

New York City’s, Tina Ferriola, owner of NYC Elite, brought her newborn twin girls, Addy and Lilly, home from the hospital in a gorgeous vacation rental in Malibu, CA. This mama does it all! Being a single mom myself, it’s always so inspiring to see women who really pursue a life they love not allowing anything or anyone to stop them. She was also one of the most appreciative and nicest clients I’ve ever worked with. Welcoming my assistant and I into her Malibu home, allowing us to use whatever we wanted during the shoot and set up wherever we thought was best. She gave us full reign on creativity, which is what I love most as a photographer. When clients allow us to do our thing, we achieve the best images because we are allowing our imaginations to run freely, creating one of a kind, timeless pieces of art.

We used coffee tables made out of tree trunk wood, a beautiful wool rug, and shot into gorgeous full length windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The session lasted about 4 hours but with that view, I could have stayed all day! Now if only every session had an ocean view, I think I’d be in heaven.

Enjoy this sweet twin newborn session. There’s some fun behind the scenes images of me as well!

Twin Newborn Photography in Malibu | Addy and Lilly