Negative Monday + Building an Empire

Mondays. They are our faaaaaavorite day, right? Says absolutely no one ever, unless you get to go to Disneyland every Monday. And if you do, can we trade lives?! Just kidding, as rad Disneyland is, I’d much rather be frolicking in the gorgeous forests of the Uinta Mountains. If you follow me at all on social media, you might have figured out by now that I am pretty obsessed with living in Utah. Coming from Los Angeles where we had to drive hours for forests and lakes, I now get to literally walk outside and be surrounded. I spent my birthday weekend, this past weekend, hiking, bbqing, and picnicking at Big Spring Park in Provo Canyon. It was gorgeous outside. Rivers, 70 degrees, forest and trees everywhere! It was totally my jam.

Let’s get back to why Mondays seem to suck. You know what I think it is? The weekend is the time for us to kind of “escape” our lives. It’s the time we get to spend with family, friends, play, and do the things we love. But transitioning back into the responsibilities of the week can be daunting. Let me be real honest with you, this morning I woke up in straight B mode. Woke up nagging at the hubs to get up and help with the kids, nagged at the kids, yelled at my daughter for her room being a mess, all while trying to get ready to run out the door so that the kids aren’t late for school AND so I can make it to barre on time. PHEW! PS for all you mamas, the workout after the morning school rush is literally the best way to bring those stress levels back down. I don’t know what I would do without my Pure Barre ladies. Actually I do, I’d be insane, literally insane.

Why do Mondays have to feel this way for us though? Is there something in our weekly lives that causes stress? Do we need to look at our lives closer and maybe change? For me, it’s usually something internally stirring up within me that makes me feel like I just can’t do life. It’s usually the fact that I have not taken time to reflect on my feelings and balance myself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I should have spent time journaling last night, that helps me a lot, especially after a busy weekend where there wasn’t much alone time. I also feel the pressure of having to push my business, especially with the move and relocating to a new state. There’s so much to be done and I constantly compare myself to other businesses or photographers who are doing much better than I am. And then all of a sudden I don’t feel good enough in almost every area of my life and the spiraling begins to go further and further into the rabbit hole. Then here I am… being the crazy B mom that nobody ever wants to be, on this fabulous negative Monday morning.

What did I do to change my negative Monday and tips for you too:

  1. Started off with Barre. Taking care of ourselves is SO important! If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of anyone else around us. It’s like the oxygen mask in the airplane, they tell you if the plane is having trouble, to put your oxygen mask on first, then help the person in the seat next to you. It’s no different in any other area of your life. It’s not selfishness either, it’s making sure you’re healthy, so you can be there for those around you. Barre for me is a place where I not only exercise physically, but mentally too. It forces me to be present and intentional.
  2. I listened to music. Music is a huge move shifter for me, and I think it is for most people. Listening to music that will calm my spirit always helps me with the overwhelming feelings Monday can bring.
  3. I spent time journaling. When I got home, before I went to my desk to edit, answer any emails, or anything else on my to do list, I spent time reading and journaling. It was only about 15-20 minutes but I knew I needed it after how I felt this morning.
  4. I listened to a podcast. A favorite positive podcast or sermon can definitely help motivate me out of a funk.
  5. SELF PORTRAITURE. I got out of my yoga clothes, got ready, put on a cute outfit from my LeTote box I got this weekend, and took photos of myself… and man, that was not easy, don’t try this at home, just book me to shoot you. This made a huge difference though! We need to see ourselves from the outside to see ourselves as normal. So much crazy goes on in our minds with all the crazy that our lives brings. We need help to silence all that crazy! Portraiture can do that! I am not talking your amazing duck face selfies (we all do them, don’t act like you don’t, ha!). I’m talking seeing yourself in a beautiful, artistic way. And then having those positive images of you, around you in your everyday life so that when that stupid lie in your head tells you that you aren’t worthy enough, you can take out that album and remind yourself that you are. You are 100% worthy of the life you are leading right now. You are 100% worthy of that dream you want to pursue right now. You are 100% worthy to love yourself exactly as you are right now.


When you’re ready to book your shoot with me, let’s talk. I will walk your hand and be here with you through every single step of this process. This is how we empower each other as women. We don’t judge, we don’t hate, we love. We come along side each other and love each other exactly where we are in life. No matter where life has brought us, no matter what life has dealt us. The empire I want to create is a safe place where women from ALL walks of life can feel and be empowered. No matter what you went through, no matter what you have or haven’t done, no matter what. I am here for you babe!


Christine Sara

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