Park City Utah Family Photographer | Mount Timpanogos | The Gillilands

Park City Utah Family Photographer

Photographing the Gilliland family was so fun. I mean c’mon let’s be real…. look at this location though! I went to Utah, I fell in love, not with a man, but with the mountains. With the forests. With the simplicity of life. I’ve been contemplating now, do I move? Maybe open a studio in Park City, Utah or Salt Lake City, Utah. Do I work in two places at once? I already travel for work often, what’s more travel right? After photographing families in Utah, like the Gilliland family, I realized that 1. I need seasons in my life, I’ve lived in LA all my life and we have 2 seasons, blazing hot, and dry cold. 2. There’s so much life to live! If I want to be based out of 2, 4, 10, or 12 cities, I can. I mean do we limit ourselves? Why don’t we follow our dreams? Why do we allow blocks in life to keep us from where we want to be?

I loved photographing all the inbetween candid squishy moments from this family shoot. With the beautiful fall birch trees and mount timpanogos in the background, you couldn’t take a bad photo even if you tried. Thank you Ashleigh and Robbie for having me photograph your sweet family!

Ps… with all the said above, I am taking bookings in all of Utah, and around the world. Can’t wait to tell your portrait love story.


Christine Sara



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