How to Prepare For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

 I love trying something bold and new, but if you are anything like me knowing how to prepare for something as intimidating as a boudoir photo shoot makes it so much easier for me to decide to take the leap.  I want to give you all the info on preparing for your boudoir photo shoot so we can get the most out of our time together.  As you prep for your shoot, keep in mind I want your images to be beautiful and sexy, but I also want them to reflect the real you. 

 boudoir shoot

1. Preparing For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot 

  •  Natural Nails

For boudoir, we prefer bare feet opposed to accessorizing with heels, and your hands will likely be a focus for some of your portraits. So a fresh manicure & pedicure in a style you like is highly recommended! Typically neutral polish or french tips are best, avoiding distracting colors if you can.

  • Natural Hair  

When you walk into the studio, we are going to whisk you away to start on your hair and makeup. Make sure your hair is clean and dry when you arrive.

  • Clean Natural Face 

Don’t worry about doing your makeup, we want you to come with a clean face, ready for our stylist to highlight your natural beauty.

  • Rethink That Tan

We recommend against going for a professional spray tan or intentionally tanning outdoors prior to your session. While it may look great in person, the camera is more sensitive to skin tones and your natural color is always more flattering in photographs.

2. Selecting Your Wardrobe

  • Stay True To You  

Bring clothing that you would typically wear and avoid going over-the-top or getting into “costume” outfits. 

  • Lingerie 

Keep it elegant and simple with your bra-and-underwear combinations, without the fuss of knee high tights or corsets. We loved the simple and elegant combinations that our beautiful Jackie brought to her intimate shoot, which you can see here.

  • Other Wardrobe Items

 Include items such as sweaters, cardigans, tank tops, men’s dress shirts, or anything else that says “lounging around being sexy”.  Check out Jay’s Sultry Boudoir Shoot for some serious cardigan wardrobe inspiration.  You can also check out my gallery for some more inspiration.

  • Jewelry 

Less is more when it comes to your accessories. We recommend minimal jewelry for your shoot. Keeping it just to pieces you wear on a daily basis.

  • Things to Avoid 

When picking your wardrobe, keep it simple, leaving out any items with patterns and/or stripes. Also, avoid tight-fitting undergarments that will leave indentations on your skin.

boudoir shoot

3. Mentally Prepare For Your Session

  • Go To Your Happy Place

Doing something new can always be a little scary and stressful. Take time to do things that take you to your happy place before you come to your shoot to get in that positive mindset. 


4. When you Arrive…

  • Pop the Bubbly!

Your session is a celebration of you! So when you arrive we open a bottle of champagne and say cheers to0 such a beautiful babe.

  • Getting Camera Ready

 First things first, we have our professional stylist get started on your hair and makeup. We tend to keep your hair and makeup on the more natural side. We want to capture your gorgeous beauty, not cover it up or make you something you’re not. This usually takes an hour and a half.

  • Boudoir Outfit Styling

While you get ready, I piece together 3 to 4 outfits from your wardrobe for your shoot. I’ll keep in mind your personal style as well as your body type when selecting your perfect ensembles.


5. Last But Not Least…

  • Trust Me, Your Photographer

Trusting me will take the pressure of the shoot off of you. This is truly my passion project, and I will do all the work to make you feel beautiful. Know that you are going to someone who can accentuate the beauty of your body with contouring and lighting. I promise you are in good hands. All you have to do is be your naturally gorgeous self, and I’ll do the rest!


 Now you know what preparing for your boudoir photo shoot takes to get the most out of your session. All that’s left is for you to take the leap.



Christine Sara

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