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Ryan and Jay’s wedding was one of the most unique and special weddings I have ever been to. They didn’t copy traditions, they wanted this day to be theirs, and every detail in it to mean something to them, which I loved! They chose one of the most unique locations, which has never been a wedding venue before, Caravan Outpost in Ojai, CA. I don’t know why it hasn’t been a been a wedding venue before because it was just PERFECTION! Those of you who want to get married in, Ojai, you have to check this place out! It’s absolutely spectacular!

Getting Each Other Ready

Ryan and Jay got ready at the cutest little Airbnb, called the Oh, Hi House (cutest name too, right?). Again, they wanted to do things different and get each other ready instead of the traditional bridesmaids or groomsmen. This meant more to them, as a couple, because they want to be apart of every single moment together. Ryan even went with Jay to pick out her wedding dress! Read about that more here on their blog! I love the families together during the whole getting ready process too. It was such a fun and meaningful time. Check out all the details of the house, I made sure to include as much as I could in this blog!

Caravan Outpost Wedding

As I mentioned, Caravan Outpost was the perfect wedding venue for an outdoor, boho style wedding. From the adorable airstream trailers, to the market lights, the rustic wood tables, and amazing store, it was the perfect stylish venue for Ryan and Jay. It matched them perfectly, and was the perfect place for a fun celebration love fest! Not only was this place just perfection, Ryan + Jay’s love for each other is the sweetest, purest, and most REAL I’ve seen in a long time! They met at a coffee shop, both photographers, and have been inseparable since! I’ve known Ryan for quite some years now. His cousin dated my younger sister back when they were in high school together. When I became interested in shooting weddings, Ryan was one of the first people I asked for advice from. Some of his advice I still use to this day! We both began our careers working for David Michael Photography, and it’s been so awesome watching him grow as a person and an artist. Meeting Jay and both of them teaming up to be husband and wife team was just the sweetest thing. I am so happy to have these two as friends and t have been able to document their love and these moments for them to relive for years and years to come.

Congratulations to the amazing bride and groom! Love you both so much!

Venue: Caravan Outpost

Getting Ready House: Oh, Hi House

Florals: Topa Flora

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

Jewelry: Brianna Lamar, Sunstream Goods

Photographer: Christine Sara





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