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Sami’s Sweet and Sexy Shoot

One thing I really love about boudoir photography, is all the different styles. Specifically, Salt Lake City boudoir photography, there are lots of photographic artists to choose from. The diversity here is great, because it gives women a chance to really find a style that they can connect with. Its so amazing to be able to choose a photographer who’s style speaks to you. You’ll love your images and likely connect with the artist on a deeper level, which makes for an amazing shoot experience!

Each boudoir shoot can be different to a degree too, because every woman has a different persona. If you see Becca’s shoot, she is more bold, so her images reflected her personality. Where as Sami’s images are more soft and subtle, which completely reflect who she is and empowered her in a different way. To me, her shoot feels more bridal boudoir, which is exactly what we were going for.

Some of you may know me as a wedding photographer first. That is where my love for boudoir photography blossomed. The elegance, whimsy, and emotion of the wedding day really inspires me, and it reflects in my boudoir images. I don’t ever want my to work to cross over to raunchy. I love moments that make you wonder, that make you feel, that tell a story. Moments that reflect the soul of the woman I am photographing so she can see and love herself in an entirely new way. Moments of Art.

Join me in empowering Sami! So proud of you, babe, for stepping our of your comfort zone, digging deep within, and allowing you to see yourself this way. The hubs will love these images of you!


Christine Sara

Salt Lake City Boudoir Photography



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