Sarah’s Intimate Portrait Story + Self Worth

Sarah's Intimate Portrait Story | Utah Boudoir Photography

This babe, is gorgeous! Inside and out. Sarah’s boudoir shoot took place in Los Angeles, CA. Even though my studio is in Heber City, Utah. If you don’t know where Heber is, it’s about 20 minutes from Provo and 20 minutes from Park City (those who love the winter olympics know where I am talking about). I still travel back to LA and around the globe for shoots from time to time. However this was a stunner that had been sitting on my hard drive for far too long. I was still living in LA when I photographed Sarah! If you want to learn more about my boudoir studio, click here!

Self worth

Can we talk self worth for a minute? If any of you chimed into my instagram live yesterday, you may have heard me talking a bit about it. What brings us to this place of thinking we are not beautiful enough for a boudoir photoshoot? What about our lives is influencing us to think we aren’t worthy enough to feel or see ourselves as beautiful? I’ll give you a hint. It’s us! That is the hard truth. Yes, society plays a roll, yes our partners play a roll, yes social media plays a BIG roll… but when it comes down to it… WE are the reason we allow all of these things to affect us, tell us who we are, and we allow them to infect our brains and hearts, and allowing this world to tell us who we are rather than us telling the world who we are. I don’t know about you, but I would rather tell the world who I am than let others tell me who I am, wouldn’t you? F man, I have way too much going on in life, the last thing I need to stress out about is what others think of me.

I recently put out a model call on social media. The new studio in Heber is opening soon and I need to test the new space out with lighting and everything to make sure things are consistent and amazing for you ladies. I’ve received dozens of replies with such amazing stories. By the way, thank you to all who have submitted applications to model for me! If you haven’t received an email from me yet, know that I am reading and responding to each and every single email individually and will get to yours soon! Expect a response from me by the end of this week if you haven’t already. Let’s get back to what I was saying, all these amazing stories from these ladies literally brought me to tears. Every single one of you are extremely amazing by the way! #BOSSBABES The stories I’ve read and the lives these women lead are just so inspiring! There was something really sad in these emails too. Each woman, no matter what she was going through, had been through, how old she was, what shape or size she is, they all feel like:

  1. She isn’t enough,
  2. She isn’t sure she is pretty enough to be on camera
  3. (this one touched me the most) She doesn’t see herself or find herself important.

UGH my heart gets so heavy talking about this stuff! WHY do we think of ourselves this way? Why don’t we see that we also need to be taken care of. Why don’t we see the value in that? For me, I often thing that if I am taking care of myself, that I am taking time away from something or someone who needs me. Babe, YOU NEED YOU! Nothing else can get done efficiently or effectively if you don’t take care of you. The self worth thing comes next. When you start taking care of yourself and making that time for just you, you start to value you, you start to see yourself differently. You realize that you need this and that taking care of your soul, your body, your mind, your heart, is something that is of priority. When you stop letting the hurtful words of others and society tell you that you aren’t good enough and that you need to be different to be of value, that is why your magic can finally shine. You were created for something so unique that NO ONE on this planet can fulfill. ONLY YOU can. The only way that can happen though is by letting yourself just be you and see the real you as a stunning, gorgeous, creation that was meant for something so great! Don’t you want that? I do!

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Christine Sara

Here’s more images from Sarah’s stunning boudoir shoot!



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