I wanna talk about newness today. Life has many ways of showing us new beginnings, starting over, a fresh start. From the miracles of birth, the start of a marriage, a new business. There are so many forms where life brings a wave of freshness. It gives us the ability to try again, to learn, and become wiser than before. We are able to start a new chapter with our best foot forward. There’s no exception in this when it comes to bringing a new baby into the world. Amelia’s sweet Malibu newborn photography session was a perfect example of this.

Baby girl #3 was welcomed by her 2 older sisters and sweet loving parents from Malibu, CA. I had a heart to heart with Sarah, Amelia’s mama, in the studio. Motherhood is by far the hardest yet most rewarding job ever. When you really take a back seat of thankfulness and forget about the moments that seem impossible, it can be incredibly beautiful. While yes, the constant snacks, diapers, messes can be tiring, but us moms get to watch the beauty of our children exploring, creating, growing, and learning right before our eyes. It was a beautiful mama talk with Sarah, she’s a wonderful soul, and I’m grateful to photograph Amelia as a newborn and to watch her grow over the next year as a Little Sprout.

Enjoy Amelia’s Malibu newborn photography session!