Twins Baby Shower at Au Fudge

Hey guys! tgif, right? I am in LA right now, prepping for my 3rd maternity shoot this week. As I’m making flower crowns and the last minute details for tomorrow’s shoot (I photographed her last pregnancy in Las Vegas too!), it reminded me of this sweet baby shower at Au Fudge on Melrose in West Hollywood I photographed last month. Seriously guys, this shower was just gorgeous! When Christin emailed me, she mentioned she was having twins. I love twins! If you’ve ever seen any of my twin newborn work, you might be able to see why. Twins have this adorable bond with each other. They tend to be easier newborn sessions for me. I think it’s because they have each other for comfort during the shoot. So precious!

Linda Lee, Los Angeles event planner, did such an amazing job at creating a unique co-ed shower that was not only fun, but also beautiful. Linda has such a creative eye! Did I mention she did all the florals too??

I love how Christin and Cliff did things their way. Guys, if you know me, I am 100% all about marching to be beat of your own drum and doing what you want. Tradition is great, but what makes things so much more special, to me, is when we do things our own way. It not only makes photographing events this way so much more fun, but it makes your day unique and special. There were some really fun activities at this baby shower! I’m sure part of that is because adults drinking beer out of bottles is just hilarious or anyone to watch. And why the heck not when you have a surrogate? You might as well celebrate as you’re about to expect TWO amazing (and partially scary) baby humans into this world, right?

They also has the most adorable cup cake making station for the kiddos… these guys were having so much fun!

PS… I had never been to Au Fudge before. So when I went to photograph the twins baby shower at Au fudge, I was pretty blown away. This place is a parents dream. Entertainment, books, and food for the kids + a bar and amazing food for you. They even have gluten free and vegan options! OH and Jessica Biel owns it… which makes it just a little more awesome because her husband is Justin Timberlake. #MCM… although it’s Friday Christine.

For those of you wanting to book a shoot in LA, I leave for Park City, Monday, but I will be back in LA Aug 16th-20th.




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