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Women empowering women is what my business is all about. I have been a mom of two running my own business for a long time.  Sometimes it felt like the only thing keeping me sane was the powerful community of women I had surrounding me. As a business owner, I want my work to celebrate the badass women that make up the Christine Sara Boudoir community.

I’m a Sucker For Two Things: Wine & Girl Talk.

I like to think of it as self-care cause taking the time to meet up with the ladies for a glass of wine + good convo, is necessary for my sanity. That’s why I’ve decided to start hosting Wine Nights once a month at my studio in Park City, Utah. Giving our local ladies an awesome place to commune and support each other. What if you don’t live in Park City?

Join Our Community From Anywhere

No matter where you are located, you can be a part of this amazing community of women.  Join our Facebook group, ‘Christine Sara Boudoir VIP’ because what do you have to lose?  You’ll find a safe place to talk openly about our lives, and a community of women who will truly inspire you.  Like Anastasia, who recently did a shoot with me.  You can read more about her shoot here

No Matter Where You Are…

Whether it’s Park City or Los Angeles, you can always be apart of the Christine Boudoir community.  Because you deserve to be a part of a community of women who will empower you and help celebrate you.

Join our community, hear other women’s stories, be inspired, and celebrate yourself! Oh, and bring your wine (or your fave non-alcoholic beverage)!


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Women empowering women




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